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Second Pass is a mature, adult forum, suitable only for those a minimum of 18 years of age.

Our forums contain descriptions of violence, sexual occurrances, drug and alcohol usage, nudity, strong language and other material that can be offensive to selected individuals.

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Second Pass in an intermediate styled Play-by-Post RPG set in Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern. Based at the tail end of the First Interval, Second Pass is a dark, backward universe heavily influenced by medieval-fantasy, creating an incredibly male dominant world that is further thrown off kilter by the assorted ranks held by those men.

Following the devastation of the Plague in the turn 215, the dragonriders fled to the South; hiding away for four turns before joining together their lousy numbers in the turn 220 when Katila Weyr was formed under the frightened and slightly insane judgement of Weyrwoman Tsuen. The sole goldrider following the greatest disaster of Pernese history since the landing of humans upon the planet, Tsuen was far from the perfect woman for the job - she was the only woman for it.

As the turns passed, and dragon numbers slowly grew - very slowly, with the first clutch not arriving until 227 AL – but then with amazing speed as the first daughter of Nirinath was born and quickly took to bearing her own children. Despite this, discontent grew up amongst the dragonriders. Tempers would flare, and fights routinely broke out. Dragonriders were anxious, unsettled and unhappy... and yet, life was good! Clutches were frequent, weyrlings were growing to adult hood, and dragons were filling the skies once more.

So naturally - disaster struck! Weyrleader D’ren of bronze Ronarth was poisoned, an attempt at murder that did not quite succeed; Investigations ensured, before bronzerider T’shiro was condemned for the attempt and sentenced to death. The bronzerider was thrown between by brownrider S’kef’s brown Tyrrisath, who had orchestrated the entire affair unbeknownst to all but a tiny few. S’kef, who had stepped up when all others fell away in discontent, took on the role of Weyrsecond under the pretence of helping his Weyrleader - before claiming for himself the rank of Weyrleader.

Life in the Weyr settled back down once more, before disaster spewed down upon Katila in the form of a massive landslide, taking out man and dragon alike. Many lives were lost, from the oldest dragon to the youngest of the newly hatched dragonets that were sleeping just hours after their Hatching… From bronze to green, and every rank of non-rider present at the Weyr, someone amongst them lost their lives in the muck and the mud.

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Second Pass is currently not accepting new applications, as we run under a private setup. For this reason, our forums will remain hidden and interested parties will not be able to see anything. We apologise for any inconvenience.

In the event where we reopen the site to the public, interested parties will undoubtedly come across our advertisement in the guest portion of other sites, RP Directories, or you are welcome to bookmark the site and check back at intervals!

We hope you enjoy your day, and find a site that suits your needs!

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