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Rated: Language 3; Sex 3; Violence 3Rated: R18+
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World of Pern is a mature, adult forum, suitable only for those a minimum of 18 years of age.

Our forums contain descriptions of violence, sexual occurrances, drug and alcohol usage, nudity, strong language and other material that can be offensive to selected individuals.

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AU / Heavy Canon Setting + IC Politics + IC -isms and bigotry + Character driven

We enjoy a setting that has nothing in common with any kind of utopia; where your gender defines how you'll live your life, and your dragon's hide determines how much prestige you'll get throughout it. Where goldriders are arm adornments and women greenriders are thought of as little more than useless; female blueriders are a freak of nature! Where bronze is the ruler of the roost, and browns are upstarts and wanna-bes...

A world where murder and intrigue occur, where flightlust is not always fun or dreamy. A place where birth-rates are high, but death never far behind. Where women are little more than political pawns for their fathers, and Hold and Hall bicker over borders and wedding guests. We offer a place where education and good food are only for the privileged, while hard work and harder times are employed by everyone else. A plot where dragonriders were once believed extinct, but are now to take the world by storm, to rule it with an iron fist.

And the red star is creeping on the horizon

Mature | Friendly | Cheerful | Active

The member base is excited to meet you, and would love to chat! We have a relaxed, no-word count, no activity requirement set up! We love hanging out in the cbox, and would love to hang with you! We have post games OOC and a chilled and easy going community. We're friendly, bright and cheerful - not at all like the world our characters inhabit!

We strongly enforce IC/OOC lines; bigotry and narrow-mindedness is encouraged in our characters but never acceptable in the player! We enjoy a relaxed and very diverse community, and we intend to keep it that way.

We are an 18+ community, and allow for heavy subject matter to be posted within our boards. No one is required to RP anything they aren't comfortable with, and a lot of RP is PG rated. The rating is there, so you have the freedom to follow the plots and character development without feeling restricted!

! What Else We Offer !

Regular PC and NPC Hatchings
We give your character the colour you want!
Gold. Bronze. Brown. Blue. Green - its a matter of when, not if.

We have all five colours of firelizards available every month!
with no Player restrictions